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Shenzhen Hi-max Technology Co., Ltd.

LED flashlights, LED diving lights, underwater video lights, LED search lights, LED work lights

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  • Phone: +86-755-86969693
  • Mobile: +86-13612892091
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    C Bldg, Xintang Town,GuanLan St., Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
Shenzhen Hi-max Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional lighting manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, high-performance, market-driven portable lighting systems for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. Since 2009 Hi-max has been tirelessly delivering the most cutting edge LED flashlights, LED diving lights, underwater video lights and LED search lights that enhance the safety and visibility of every outdoor pursuit from recreational activities such as camping, traveling, nature study, boating, hiking, fishing and diving to professional applications including military, police, security, fire and rescue.

Hi-max's reputation is built on the spirit of continuous innovation, uncompromising quality and superior performance. Proprietary optic systems, high-quality light sources, advanced circuit design and refined aesthetics are what make Hi-max professional LED flashlights the brightest and functional lights in its class. Hi-max's dive lights are designed for maximum visibility that cut through murky water with minimal backscatter for accurate color rendition regardless of depth. Hi-max's underwater video lights are engineered to deliver studio quality lighting for underwater photography or videography.

Hi-max holds its products to the most stringent standards of performance and reliability, ensuring real world answers to the demanding lighting needs from professional users. Hi-max products are also designed and fabricated to the trendsetting standards of refined aesthetics sensitive to the needs of general consumers. Hi-max provides a complete turnkey OEM/ODM solution for branded companies delivering the industry's best performing, most cost competitive products.
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